Faith Bender

Nickname: Faith
Graduates in 2021

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Faith Bender

Nickname: Faith
Graduates in 2021

5'9 | 175lbs | HS Sophomore

female | Right Handed | Right Footed

Liberty High School
925 Jewetta Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93312
(661) 587-0925

Sport: track

Primary Event:
Discus 1kg
Best Time, Distance or Height:
51.34 meters (168'3 ft)

Secondary Event:
Shot Put 4kg
Best Time, Distance or Height:
14.55 meters (47'7 ft)

Third Event:
Weight Throw 20lb
Best Time, Distance or Height:
45 ft

Additional Event(s):
Hammer 4k

Additional Sports: Current: Olympic Weightlifting - Former: Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Softball

  • 160'8 Freshman season
  • Arcadia Invitational ! 2018
  • Buchanan 2019
  • Atascadero 2018
  • STATE MEET 2019
  • NEW BALANCE 2019
  • STATE MEET 2019

About Me

My Name is Faith Bender and I am a Sophomore at Liberty High School in Bakersfield, California. I am beyond excited for my future and to share my high school seasons with you. I started to throw when I was in the second grade learning to spin on a handmade circle designed by my Father and Coach Paul Bender.  After school repeating the same workout and cadence to spinning on the circle working on technique and the circumference of the circle.  Not truly understanding what it was I was being groomed for but knowing I was working toward a goal of understanding the importance of good technique of the spin.  I train 5 to 6 days a week in the gym and also in the circle.  One thing we do in the off season is Olympic WeightLifting to built strength and become more explosive for season throws.  We also maintain a throwing schedule year round that keeps my technique sharp.  My grades come before training and having a disciplined schedule both on and off the field will prepare me for what is to come in my life.  So please, enjoy watching me develop through my high school career and becoming a better version of myself.


Thank you,

Faith Bender


Athletic Progression

My Current Goals

My current goals are to keep the consistency of my grades flowing and to focus on technical things with training. 

My Current Focus

Remain disciplined and to always stay humble.

HS Freshman

Discus: Seasons best - 160'8

Shot Put: Seasons best - 45'1

State meet-

5th overall in Discus - 158' 

8th overall in Shot put 43'

'18 Discus All American

2018 Varsity Girls Outstanding Field Athlete/ 2018 VGO Field Performer

2017-18 Varsity Girls Track MVP Thrower

2017-18 SWYL All League MVP Athlete



HS Sophomore

Discus: Seasons best - 168'3

Shot put: Seasons best - 47'7


2nd overall Discus: 168'3

5th overall Shot put: 45


Shot put (2) + Discus (4th) All american

2019 Varsity girls Track MVP Thrower/ SWYL All league MVP athlete

First Team All Area


HS Junior

Academic Information

School: Liberty High School

School District: Kern High

Grade: HS Sophomore

Graduation Year: 2021

GPA (Weighted): 3.5

GPA (Unweighted): 3.54

Academic Awards:

  • Alpha Cappa Alpha Award

School Clubs:

  • Black Student Union

Community/Non-profit Involvement:

  • USA Weight Lifting volunteer
  • Veterans Day

Recruiting Information

Coach Name: Paul Bender

Coach Name: Ryan Renz

Parent Name: Paul Bender

Parent Name: Stephanie Bender

3 Reasons You Should Recruit Me

Reason 1: I see my long term goals as different from others and I set my standards to a totally differnt level.

Reason 2: I focus on my team before myself.

Reason 3: I remain focused in the classroom so I can have a great balance between school and training.