Godwin Stephen

Nickname: Papilo
Graduates in 2017

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Godwin Stephen

Nickname: Papilo
Graduates in 2017

1.68 | 67 | HS Junior

male | Right Handed | Right Footed

Benue state polytechnic ugbokolo

Sport: soccer

Footed: Right

Attacking Mid, Defensive Mid, Mid-fielder (L/C/R)

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HS Junior

HS Sophomore

Academic Information

School: Benue state polytechnic ugbokolo

School District: ugbokolo

Region: East

Grade: HS Junior

Graduation Year: 2017

League Name: Rectors cup and school cup

GPA (Weighted): 2.75

Academic Awards:

  • Best midfielder in computer science

Academic Teams:

  • computer science team

School Clubs:

  • f c academical

Recruiting Information

Coach Name: N/A

Parent Name: N/A

3 Reasons You Should Recruit Me

Reason 1: Because i am a well trained,disciplined with a good character that can cope with any organization or soccer team in any aspects.

Reason 2: Because i am a good soccer player/ midfielder that has the agility, balance, skills,strength and passes for any soccer team or any field of play..

Reason 3: Because i love soccer and i have taken it as my personal hobby and has also taken it as a part of my life style.

Preferred Region(s):

  • East

Not Preferred Region(s):

  • Midwest