Why Prep Recruiters?

Simply put, if you aren't being recruited seriously, or by several schools you are interested in, we CAN help. Coaches don't have time to seek out every athlete that might be a good fit. Athletes need a platform to showcase their brand and accomplishments in and out of competition.

Many recruiting sites offer you a watered-down version of a website to then over-sell, over-overpromise, and under deliver on one expensive idea - that they will bring kids scholarships through their upsell of assisted recruiting...... Not totally accurate, and an un-needed expense. Recruiters don't know every coach around the country, for every sport, and what each school needs all the time. College coaches want to hear from athletes in an organized way, not recruiters or parents.

Prep Recruiters gives you an easy to use, customizable platform, with all the "know-how", tools, video tutorials, and support you need to create college opportunities for yourself.

Our proven methods are available to those who want to put in the time, represent themselves realistically, and focus on divisions where they have the best opportunity to achieve a fit athletically, academically, and financially. We purposefully give you 30 days free to take your time building your brand and site the right way, and priced it VERY low so that everyone can take advantage of it - not just the top 1% of athletes that are getting all the help in the world already.

We are leveling the recruiting playing field, by giving all athletes an organized platform to have their ACCOMPLISHMENTS seen, and their DREAMS heard.


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